Wayne's World Timber & Building Supplies also trades as Botany Timber Yard.  We service Botany, NSW and Sydney's Eastern Suburbs

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Wayne's World - Timber and Building Supplies Blog

We are a owner operated Timber Yard and Building Hardware supplier located in Botany, NSW. The proprietor has been dealing in the timber and building supplies industry for the past 30 years. We have a wide selection of timber and building hardware. We service the Botany and the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and wider area.

Our Stock / Products

Admin Waynes World - Saturday, March 25, 2017

Our Stock / Products

Wayne's World Timber and Building Supplies also trade under the name of Botany Timber Yard.  We sell a variety of lumber and building hardware in our timber yard.  Browse through the list below for the timber products and other builder's hardware we stock.  Call us on 9666 9409 if you do not see a product listed.  

Timber Preservation

Chemicals are frequently applied to protect timber from biological degradation agents by fungi or insect attack and the weather. Below are some of the products available at Wayne's World Timber and Building Supplies to protect your timber projects

Timber Guard

Helps your timber not to rot.  It is made from very strong plastic and and protects your deck from rotting by extending the life of your deck.  Ask instore. 


Raincoat Water Repellent

Raincoat water repellent is used to protect outdoor timber.  Raincost is a water repellent timber finish used for exterior timbers such as decking, pergolas, lattice, fences and outdoor furniture.  It can be used on treated pine, decking and most other outdoor timber species. It keeps your decking looking like new.  



We stock a range of Sika products - 


A miltipurpose sealant which is highly flexible and available in a range of colours and is suitable for indoors or outdoor.  It has excellent adhesion properties and can be sanded and painted.



A high strength Polyurethane formula adhesive/sealant which can be used indoor or outdoor and can be used on Ceramic, brick, cement sheeting, metal, timber and plaster which can be painted.  It has a long life and has excellent weather proofing qualities.

Sika AnchorFix -1


Sika Anchor Fix-1 is a fast curing anchoring adhesive.

Selleys Products 

Velux Skylights 

We sell Velux Skylight and roof windows.  


Plywood Manufacturing, Exterior and Marine Plywood

Admin Waynes World - Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Plywood Manufacturing

Plywood Manufacturing

Plywood is made by bonding 3 or more layers of thin sheets of wood veneers of uniform thickness to adjoining laminates at right angles to each other.  This process reduces the shrinkage and improves the strength of the sheet.  This produces a sheet product with the grain running in both of the principal directions in the plane of the sheet. An odd number of lamination is usually used with each veneer laid up at right angles to the previous one. This gives a sheet with just more than 50% of the fibres in the main direction (the face grain direction) and just less than 50% at right angles to the other direction. The top layer of plywood is called the face and the the bottom is the back.  The face is the surface that is seen and the back remains hidden.  The center layer is known as the core.  In plywood with five or more plies, the inter-mediate layers are known as the cross-bands.

BB and CC grades plywood are suitable for paint finishes while also providing structural strength.  Most plywood sheets are used in building construction.  

CD grade plywood is general purpose plywood suitable for hoardings, flooring, handyman jobs where the appearance is not so important.

Exterior Plywood 

Exterior plywood is an Appearance Grade plywood of high quality. When finished appropriately, it can be used for interior-lining usage and semi-exposed outdoor usage.  Exterior plywood is manufactured from hoop pine and offers F14 stress grade. 

Marine Plywood Manufacturing -  How it's Made

Marine plywood is used in the manufacturing of boats and docks.  Standard plywood cannot be used is wet environments. Marine plywood is made from sheets of a tropical hardwood which is naturally water resistant and which is also bonded with water resistant glue.  

Marine Plywood - is used for boats, flooring, bulkheads and furniture.  The core is made of bonded layers of Okoume which is a water resistnant species grown in the hot and humid Equitorial rainforest in Africia.  The surface is made from a decorative wood veneer such as oak maple and teak.

Plywood can be made to be termite resistant by using a preservative treatment to H2 level.

Timber Acrynoms

Admin Waynes World - Thursday, August 04, 2016

Timber Acronyms

 Air Dried
Australian Forestry Council. 
Copper chromium arsenate.  May be harmful to people and the environment if not handled properly as it contains arsenic which can cause cancer.  
Chain of custody
Dressed all round
Dressed Pencil Round
 Eased 4 Edges
Finger jointed
The Forest Stewartship  Council
Kiln dried
Light organic solvent preservative (anti- termite) timber treatment. Timber which as been treated with 
LOSP may give off an odour when the solvent evaporates. These timbers should be stored under cover and in a well ventilated area.  
Laminated Veneer Lumber
Machine grade pine
Marine stress grading
Outdoor premium grade
Rougher Header
Tongue and groove
Timber Trade Federation
Timber Trade Industrial Association
 Wet after treatment

Blog - Wayne's World Timber & Building Supplies

Admin Waynes World - Thursday, July 28, 2016

Wayne's World Timber & Building Supplies is family owned and operated. We have been here in Botany since March 2008.  We are just a few kilometre from the Ports at Botany and Sydney Domestic airport.  The Proprietor has been associated with timber and the building industry for the past 35 years. He has worked in the Eastern suburbs Area for most of this time. With a strong sales background with the timber and building materials industry, his abundance of knowledge enables him to offer his customers the very best advice on  timber and building materials.  Our team of dedicated and experienced staff are here to help with your needs and will give you a more personal service. 

We give you free advice and promise to give you good old fashioned personal service. We deliver to the Sydney Eastern Suburbs, Inner west, The Sutherland shire and surrounding suburbs of Sydney.  Come in and meet out team.

Wayne's World Timber & Building Supplies
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