Waynes World Timber & Building Supplies located in Botany, Sydney, NSW.  We are a leading supplier of Timber and building hardware.
Wayne's World Timber & Building Supplies also trades as Botany Timber Yard.  We service Botany, NSW and Sydney's Eastern Suburbs.

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Buy Treated Pine from Wayne's World Timber and Building Supplies in Botany, Sydney.  We are Timber Merchants and and help give you advise on any timber or building hardware product Wayne's World Timber and Building Supplies stock LVL. (laminated veneer lumber) a high strength wood engineered primarily for structural applications Wood Supplier located in Botany, Sydney. We also Trade under the name of Botany Timber Yard.  Our stock includes - Joinery, primed timber, architraves, moulding, flooring, structural timber, treated pine, Design pine, meranti (maple), Merbau, pacific jarrah, radiata pine, Western Red Cedar, victorian ash, lattice and dowel  Merbau Decking available from Wayne's World Timber and Building Supplies in Botany, Sydney, NSW.  We sell construction timber and building hardware. GreenStuf and QuietStuf insulation batts available from Wayne's World Timber and Building supplies located in Botany Sydney NSW Wayne's Word Timber and Building Supplies stock sheet materials - blueboard, MDF, Hardiflex, Gyprock, Plywood, yellow tongue, villaboard, Wayne's World Timber and Building Supplies stock a range of silicone and wood glues.  Sikaflex, Wayne's World Timber sell plywood, Tulsa Plywood, structural plywood and non structural pleywood.  We are located in Botany, Sydney, NSW. Wayne's World Timber and building Supplies sell Yellow Tongues Flooring. Call us now for a fee quote

Wayne World Timber - Botany Timber Yard

We are a owner operated Timber Yard and Building Hardware supplier located in Botany, NSW. The proprietor has been dealing in the timber and building supplies industry for the past 30 years. We have a wide selection of timber and building hardware. We service the Botany and the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and wider area.

Timber - Notes on its Uses

Admin Waynes World - Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Bobbins (Textile) 

Timber bobbin used commonly in sewing machines.

A bobbin is a cylinder or spindle on which yard or thread is wound and are most commonly found in sewing machines.  The timber used to make bobbins is souther sassafras, silver beech and yellow carabeen.


Timber boomerang made by aboriginal people.  It is typically used for hunting.
The boomerang was invented about 25 - 50 thousand years ago and was used for hunting.  Timber species used by Australian Aborigines include myall, mulga, mangrove, gidgee and brigalow.

Butchers Equipment

Several products can be made from timber that are used commercially or in the home.  Butcher block can be made from tallowwood or forest red gum but can also be made from other timbers.  Skewers are generally made from spotted gum, tulip oak, mountain ash or yellow wood.

Butter Churns

Hoop pine, white beech, brown pine, kauri, silver silk wood, King William pine.


 Black apple, ivorywood, pittosporum.



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