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ModWood Decking

Would you like a low maintenance deck?



ModWood is a Composite Decking and May Be The Right choice for You!

ModWood The Composite Decking  Alternative


ModWood Decking is a Composite decking is also know as wood composite decking, plastic decking, and wood composite plastic decking.  ModWood is a brand name for Composite Decking and is made from recycled plastic and wood and is made in Australia.  ModWood is a low maintenance alternative to conventional timber decking.  Sample are available in our store.  

We supply Modwood Decking to our Sydney Customers.  
  Modwood is a low maintenance composite decking and is an attractive and sustainable alternative to timber decking.   ModWood decking is made in Australia. ModWood composite decking is made from recycled plastic milk bottles and reclaimed pine timber waste.
 √  No Painting!
 √  Low maintenance!
 √  Unaffected by salt water!
 √  No staining!

Silver Gum Modwood Decking. ModWood Decking The Sustainable alternative.

Silver Gum Modwood

Modwood Decking is available in a variety of colours.  Sahara smooth and Brushed.  Silver Gum Smooth and brushed.  Jarrah smooth and Brushed and Black Bean smooth and brushed.


ModWood Deck by the ocean.  ModWood Decking is the maintainable decking substitute. ModWood only requires little maintenance.  ModWood is made in  Australia.

ModWood Deck by the ocean. Click on picture to enlarge image.

Modwood Decking suitable for deck overlooking a river bank.

Interesting Facts about ModWood Decking

  • Every lineal metre of ModWood decking* has approximately 37 recycled plastic milk bottles and almost 2 kgs of reclaimed pine waste products.

  • The wood fibre used in the manufacturing process is supplied from Australian Forestry Standard certified plantation grown, sustainable managed pine.

  • 137 x 23 board
  ModWood is easy to install and does not require any special tools.  A ModWood deck requires little or no maintenance and is looks great.

Modwood Deck used in a backyard BBQ area.  Adds value to your property and looks beautiful.  Modwood Decking for use in Marine applications Modwood Decking used for an entertaining area.  No maintenance required.  Modwood Decking used on a verandah.


Modwood Decking Board Sizes

 88 x 23  137 x 33


Modwood  Mini Board (Screening Board Size)

 68 x 17

The modern lines of ModWood Mini board allow you to create a private oasis anywhere outdoors.  Cosy outdoor living areas, courtyards and beautiful garden features can be created with the product.

Modwood *Marina Board Sizes

 137 x 32

Special order. 

ModWood decking boards are an ideal product for use in screening for private courtyards, cosy outdoor living areas and can be used as a stunning garden feature.

Contact us for more information and brochures.

ModWood Screening - The modern lines of ModWood decking board allow you to create a private area outdoors.

Click on the link to read about Screening fixing instructions ModWood Screening Fixing Instructions Jan 2010.PDF

ModWood-Marina.jpg ModWood-pool.jpg ModWood-Salt.jpg ModWood-Umbrella.jpg

ModWood Colour Range

Natural Grain Collection

The ModWood colours below show the Sahara, Black Bean, Jarrah and Silver Gum and is available in both brush or smooth.  .

The sample on the left is smooth faced and the sample on the right is the brushed face. The boards are reversible and either face can be installed up.

Sahara smooth ModWood decking and screening boards come in a range of colours.  Black bean, Jarrah, Silver Gum and Sahara.  Available in Smooth or Brushed for all colours.   ModWood Decking the composite decking alternative.  ModWood is made in Australia. Sahara brushed
Blackbean smooth Blackbean brushed
Jarrah smooth Jarrah brushed
Silver gum smooth Silver gum brushed


General Tips on ModWood Decking Boards

  • Store ModWood packs in a flat, dry area under roof and off the ground, cover with protective plastic.
  • ModWood products are not "structural" and must not be used as bearers, joists etc.
  • Always pre-drill when screwing or fixing near the ends of the boards.Only use fixing that comply with the Building code of Australia.
  • In all cases when screwing down do not overdrive screws.  Fix with low to medium tongue.  do not punch nail-heads under the surface of board.  Fixing too close to the end of the board may cause splitting.  Do not fix within 15mm of the end of the board.
  • Perimeter of deck should be kept open and free of vegetation to enable ventilation.

Click on the links below to download fixing instructions for ModWood

ModWood Fixing Instructions June 2009.pdf

Using Nail Guns with Modwood Nov 2006.PDF

Fixing ModWood to Steel June 2009.PDF

ModWood Concealed Fixing Sep 2009.PDF

Compelling Reasons Why You Should Choose ModWood

  • ModWoood adds value to your home as it is visually appealing. ModWood is a highly durable woodgrain look with a range of colour and has the option of concealing the fixing.
  • Have more time to yourself to do the things you want.  No staining, oiling or painting required to maintain.  
  • Confidence that you family is safe.  ModWood does not contain any nasty timber preservatives or chemicals.
  • ModWood is Australian made and designed and provides peace of mind that it will perform. 
  • ModWood is a sustainable product that helps preserve rainforest timbers and save natural resources. Give a long term value to Australian resources. 
  • Innovative saving time, money and reduced product waste.
  • A valuable return on your investment.



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