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Project Sheets

We have provided some interesting DIY project sheets for your perusal.  Click on the relevant file and save as to your computer.

How to Build a Dog House

How to Project Sheets - Dog Kennel.  Materials required - Exterior Plywood, radiata pine, H3 Treated Pine and 75mm galvanised screws.

Every dog needs a home. Show your best friend how much you care by building his or her home yourself. This dog house is designed for an average sized dog and makes the most use of a single sheet of 2440mm x 1220mm exterior plywood. The same basic plan can be used for any sized dog, it’s just a matter of scaling the dimensions up or down. A feature of this design is that it makes allowance for two floor panels for added rigidi ty.... Click below to see more

Dog House Dog House (641 KB)

Exterior Painting

Project sheet for painting the exterior of a house.

There are few more rewarding projects than giving your home a new look with a fresh coat of paint. Painting is a relatively simple do-it-yourself project the whole family can help with and a good paint job will not only protect your house from the elements, saving you the higher cost of extensive repairs, but will also add value to your home, and can make a great first impression if you're planning to sell.
Take a few minutes to read through the steps that follow. They'll save you time, money and frustration as you paint outside.  Click on the PDF file below for more information on Exterior Painting.

Exterior Painting Exterior Painting (358 KB)

How to Build a Timber Deck

How to make a timber deck. Building materials required for building a deck are - footings, posts, bearers, joists, decking and railings. The majority of Deck are usually made of treated pine.

Few home improvements can match a wood deck for usefulness, beauty and enhanced value to a home. For adults, decks offer outdoor living space for entertaining, sun bathing and dining. For children, they provide an excellent outdoor play area.  Click on the PDF link for more information on building a Timber Deck.

Timber Deck Timber Deck (616 KB)

How to Build a Timber Fence

Click on the link to view instruction on how to build a timber fence. Before purchasing tools, timber and materials, read every step thoroughly then talk to one of our timber experts.

Regardless of the type of fence you plan to build, be sure you know exactly where your property line is located and check any local regulations applying to fences before beginning construction. Also discuss the matter with your neighbour(s).  Click on the PDF link for information on building a Timber fence.

Timber Fence Timber Fence (735 KB)

Timber Gate  

Timber gates aren't difficult to build and you can build them to dimensions to suit your own requirements and in a style that compliments your property. They can be fancy, to enhance the front of your home or they may just be useful and lead to the backyard and keep children or animals safely contained.  Click on the PDF file for further instructions on how to build a timber gate.

Timber Gate Timber Gate (717 KB)

Cubby House

Draw your cubby floor plan and elevations on graph paper to an easily convertible scale.  Depending on the size of your cubby some local Councils may require that plans are submitted for approval so it might be prudent to check with them first. While you’re at it, check the locations of any underground utilities that you may encounter when excavating.

Consideration should also be given to what you are going to do with the cubby after it has outlived its usefulness. Maybe you could use it as a storage shed at a later date, in which case you may want to increase the wall height to suit future needs.

Cubby House Cubby House (751 KB)

Garden Arch

This garden arch features a cross-hatch lattice design on the sides and a curved arch overhead, however the design lends itself to modification. You could forgo the curved arch and replace it with a squared or peaked one. You could also replace or vary the latticed sides with pre made lattice.
The construction of the archway is easiest if you assemble it on the ground and set it in the ground when completed, so have a few helpers handy when it comes to this part.

Garden Arch Garden Arch (596 KB)

How to build a Pergola

Draw your Pergola floor plan and elevations on graph paper to an easily convertible scale, eg metre equals 2 graph squares. Draw yu suport posts (uprights) at grid line intersections to make things easier.   Don't forgt to allow for the overhang of rafters.   

Most local Councils require that plans are submitted for approval so it might be prudent to check with them first. While you’re at it, check the locations of any underground utilities that you may encounter when digging your post holes.................

Pergola Pergola (1577 KB)

How to build a wine rack

A great looking wine rack that, because of its modular design, can easily be expanded to accommodate a growing wine collection. The components simply lock together and stack one on top of the other as needed.

Wine Rack Wine Rack (1059 KB)

How to build wall-mounted shelving

Wall-mounted shelves of some size and shape usually become a necessary part of almost everyone's home. The purpose of this project sheet is to discuss some of the most common wall mounted shelving systems and construction methods that can be accomplished by the average home handyman.
No matter what shelving system you ultimately deicide upon, take into account the visual effect you want from your wall system, what it will hold, and the structural elements required. Draw a plan to aid you in making a materials list, so that you will have all necessary materials on hand when you begin building.

Wall Mounted Shelving Wall Mounted Shelving (642 KB)

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